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A&K Ranch

A&K Ranch

A&K Ranch is located in the beautiful Ozark Mountains in south central Missouri. The A&K Ranch was once known as Splitlimb Ranch and was operated as a big game hunting ranch with 8 foot fences. A few exotic deer, like Sike and Fallow deer, still roam the ranch. 

It is owned and operated by the Dietsch family. The Dietsches raise Beefalo cattle, elk, Flemish Giant rabbits, goats, hogs and chickens for eggs.  They grow most of their own vegetables, canning and freezing for winter use. Their main focus is breeding high quality Beefalo breeding stock. 


Raising high quality Beefalo cattle for breeding stock is their main objective.


They also raise elk for meat and sell their bulls to local hunting  ranches.

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Flemish Giant Rabbits


Flemish Giant Rabbits are another animal they enjoy raising — selling them for breeding stock, pets and also for meat.

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Sika Deer
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Fallow Deer
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